Answer to prayer

I think I was on the impacted end of an answer to a prayer that I didn’t make. You see, I’m about five and a half weeks away from our due date for our little girl. And in two weeks, I was supposed to be in a training class three hours away for a week. I knew it was horrible timing, pregnancy-wise, but figured that odds were good that I wouldn’t deliver while I was out there, and decided that even if I did deliver out there, I didn’t have any reason to worry about the birth itself. It would be quite inconvenient, but I didn’t see it as putting our baby or me at risk. Babies are born in hospitals all over the country every day. No reason to think that a doctor at a hospital in town X couldn’t do just as well at delivering a baby as a doctor in town Y.

This afternoon, I got an email saying that my class had been cancelled. That’s unfortunate, as this was really the only class session that I could even have attempted to attend, and the material is stuff I need to know in the very near future. Other sessions were either even later, or would have required me to fly. Airlines and doctors usually don’t like that whole flying thing in the last trimester. So, I went to tell my husband that the class had been cancelled and I wouldn’t be going away for a week after all. He smiled and said something to the effect of “Remember I told you I had been praying for a while last night??”. Well, he never said that he had been praying that the class had been cancelled; I think it more likely that he was praying that God would handle the situation and keep the baby and me safe. But, whatever he specifically prayed for, the answer to that prayer is that the class is cancelled and I will be safely here.

So now I’m thinking, …., if the way to keep our baby safe was to keep me local that week, guess we ought to get the nursery done in a hurry!

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