In between paint strokes

Now that the baby has decided she’s just about on her way, I guess it’s finally time to finish painting the nursery. One wall at a time, the Caribbean green/aqua scheme that was there is being transformed into a light shade of purple. I won’t go so far as to paint the girls’ room pink (until they’re of an age where they themselves request a pink room), but figured purple was doable. Light purple over bright/dark shades of green takes several coats, I’m discovering. I primed the room a while ago, and thought that it’d only take one coat of paint. But I suspect that I’m not going to get off that easy.

Does this count as nesting, I wonder? I’m taking it nice and slow, stopping at the end of each wall for rest and refreshment (in the form of big glasses of water and big spoonfuls of chocolate pudding – girl’s gotta have some way of rewarding herself). At this pace, though, the room will be done when the girls’ are going into kindergarten!

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