Determined or stupid?

I popped my knee last Friday, playing softball at the office’s “team-building” picnic.  Went to scoop a ball, knelt down, felt it pop.  Ow.  Kept playing, seemed to be reasonably OK.

It hasn’t felt right since, though.  For a bit, it hurt.  Now it just doesn’t feel like it’s quite the way it was.  And no, I haven’t seen a doctor.  No real pain now, no way to describe the motion that caused the pop – what would I tell him?

The challenge: Saturday’s the half-marathon.  I’m debating.  Right now, I’m leaning towards yes.  I ran on the treadmill tonight with a knee brace on, and feel no worse/weirder than I did before.  I’m thinking that if I’m careful about planting my feet and don’t lead with the suspect knee when stepping off any curbs, I’ll probably be OK.  Will see how it feels tomorrow, after sleeping after my run.

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