TiVo exercise plan

I’m about to become the next great exercise (though not diet) guru.  Realized tonight that TiVo + treadmill makes a great workout.  Pick a show you’ve already TiVo’ed, but haven’t yet gotten to watch.  If you’re just starting out, pick a half-hour show.  (Are there half-hour shows for adults???  If you need to, pick your favorite old cartoon!)  If you’re further along, your typical prime-time hour show works well.  Pick a pace you’re comfortable with.  And go.

Now, the twist: if you’re just starting out exercising, walk through every commercial break.  That’ll give you roughly 7 or 8 minutes running time, and then 2+ minutes walk time, in basic intervals.  If you’re feeling a little stronger, do what I did tonight: run through the whole thing, but do the 30 second skip thing through the commercials.  Turns out, that 60 minute show was just shy of 44.  Next time I do a “long” run, I’ll run through a few of the commercial breaks, to extend the run.  Or if I’m feeling like a speed pick-up or a hill boost, through the commercials, change tempo / elevation / whatever floats your boat.

Just remember when you get really good to have more than one show saved.  Grey’s Anatomy worked for me tonight.  Hoping to bank an Ugly Betty later this week, and then maybe catch up on those Burn Notices that are piling up, as well.  No, I’m not just wasting time watching TV.  I’m “waisting” time while I’m watching TV.

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