Habits of late

Adding a few habits of late: Scrabble, Words with Friends, Pinterest…  lots of things that sort of have me engaging with folks, but only in a tangential way.  Lots of late work hours, so these let me kind of keep in touch / ping folks, without requiring it to be at a reasonable hour.

Statistic I’m keeping track of of late: PopTart meals.  How many “meals” did I eat by grabbing PopTarts out of the kitchen at work, because I haven’t managed to break away to go get something else, and I didn’t think enough ahead to bring in a healthier lunch.  Last week’s PopTart count was three, I think: some were lunch, some were dinner.  Aiming to get that metric down a bit.  I don’t actually even enjoy PopTarts.

You may have gathered that life has been busy, particularly the work part of life.  This weekend had me home with the kids as Jason was out of town.  An odd shift in thinking / scheduling.  Though I’m still now up at 11:45 on a Tuesday night for no real reason – just mostly habit.  Grrrr.  Need better habits.

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