You know you’re a geek when…

About to have a discussion about potentially putting some effort into a project within our company to clean it up and possibly make it available open-source (geek indicator 1). Had a discussion about open-source with the corporate CTO and Chief Engineer, as well as others, earlier this spring (geek indicator 2). Trying to find my notes from that meeting, I end up discovering new flags for Windows 7’s search capability (geek indicator 3: the regular search was taking too long – needed more flags to make it precise), as well as a whole host of new command-line capabilities in Windows 7 that I wasn’t aware of (thinks that’s cool: geek indicator 4). Hunting through notes on my iPad, on my laptop, etc. Finally found my notes written on paper in my organizer, based on a search of Outlook’s calendar to find the date of the original meeting. Geek fail, though personal success.

Other geeky goodness: in the past few days, I’ve stood up an LDAP server on an Ubuntu image on EC2. I’ve configured CAS to interact with that LDAP server. And I’m now rebranding CAS to handle the look and feel I want for our corporate demo site, using Jetstrap to give me a Bootstrap skeleton. I’m explicitly not linking through to all that stuff because the folks who know what it is already know what those things refer to, and the folks who don’t really aren’t going to want to wade through it all. Count it as a mercy non-linking.

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