Quantified Self (health and fitness-wise, anyway)

I’m something of a gym buff.  3-4 times a week, sometimes more, you’ll find me at the gym at the crack of dawn.  For a while, that included working out with a personal trainer once a week.  To what end?  Welp, the weight I could lift went up, but so did mine, and my clothing size stayed the same.  I kept the same trouble areas, but had great muscles in my back and arms.

After more than a year of this, I figured I was missing something key.  My friend Kim had recently lost more than 20 pounds, and her fitness exhertion, while growing, was nowhere near what I was putting myself through.  But, she was getting results and I wasn’t.

Enter actually tracking what I eat.  I’d generally tried to eat healthy, but never formally tracked.  For one, food diaries seemed like a pain – beyond keeping track of what I ate, I’d then need to figure out its calorie counts.  Beyond my level of dedication, until Kim mentioned MyFitnessPal.

It lets me scan food barcodes, enter recipe ingredients, keep track of recent foods….  So far, only lost 3 pounds (and may be gaining it back, given a recent backslide to Rollos and beer), but if I can keep with it, looks useful.

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