Diving into the summer and new adventures

Diving into the summer…  feels like such a chance for new adventures.  I’ve often asked my kids to make ‘adventure lists’, both because I want to inspire them to think big and because I want to come up with big ideas and actions with them.  Follow one’s dreams, not blindly, but with excitement and anticipation to see what paths may open before you.

So, some dream following of late:

1. Taking a chance on a MMA / boxing fitness class.  Working my tail off, with an idea of seeing whether this might be a new competitive outlet for me.  The fitness class was one thing – crazingly sweat-inducing and body shaking.  The striking (meaning hitting and kicking) was another…  even absorbing blows with pads was eye opening.  As in, wow that’d hurt if that landed, and boy, I’m enjoying the effort of hitting these pads.

2.  Letting my daughter head to Puerto Rico to visit some friends.  It’s a scary thing to let her do this on her own, even knowing that there’re trusted folks to receive her on the other end of the plane ride.  She gets on a plane tomorrow: I think once I know she’s there, it won’t be as scary an idea, but right now my chest feels a bit too tight.  I’m proud of her, and delighted that she can have this opportunity.  It’s a gut check, though, on that idea of being parents who help their kids explore the world safely.

3. Started a new job.  The existing one was a great job, but I was no longer seeing that chance to make an impact at it.  I could do well at it, and that in itself is honorable and good.  The company is a fine company, one I was proud to work for.  But I need to see a company grow and shape because I’m molding it.  Having to step up into bigger language – just started to type – “molding some area of it”.  But the truth is, I want to mold something more completely, maybe not all at once, but over time, I want to see where I’ve brought it forward.  I’m coming into someone else’s company, because I didn’t jump completely into the deep end to start something brand new.  I joined a company where I know and respect its owners, and they and I want to work together to continue to build upon what they’ve begun.

Dreams yet to pursue:

1. Going to pull that unicycle out of the basement this summer.  Since I have two thanks to a generous friend, giving one to a neighbor, and learning on the other.  Debating whether to take it with me to our summer getaway and just dedicate some time each day.

2. Stock options from my old company are about to convert my motorcycle dream into reality.  The stock is a good investment, but sprung free it’ll make donations to worthy causes as well as cruising wheels.  And heck, the drive to my new job is relatively short / safe – great jaunt for a motorcycle this summer…

First day of summer just this week: summer adventuring under way.

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