Working on that motivation thing

In something of a motivation slump at work. The end’s in sight, it’s just farther away than I’d like. So I sit here on a Wednesday morning weighing the many productive things I could be doing today, instead of heading to work.

    I could be…

  • Working on reviewing my Gobot presentation for Golang Maryland tomorrow evening
  • Moving further with my Apache Spark edX class. I did some of it this morning, and am just at the point where I can play with notebooks and actually futz with things…
  • Spending more time with ‘The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes’, which I tripped across through a Twitter mention this morning. Kubernetes will turn out to be useful soon-ish, so trying to absorb info, concepts, and practical tutorials
  • Revising my clown makeup approach – doing a festival this weekend, and didn’t like how my last facepaint worked out
  • Practicing balloon animals for that same festival
  • Visiting a friend in a nursing home to try getting her wheelchair in my vehicle ahead of our Orioles game this weekend

List is long, and so rewarding. But if I let myself lapse on going into work today, I’ll want to do it again tomorrow.

If you give a software engineer a free day…

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie

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