Have had reason to do some new things with Git of late.

git archive: exporting and then zipping up or tarring up my git repo, minus any of my .git folders. Otherwise known as: not accidentally shipping my personal credentials out with my repository. (Note: yes, I’m aware that there are other means of storing credentials, such that they don’t end up in your .git/config areas… I just hadn’t configured them at that point for that project…)

git checkout-index, as discussed on StackOverflow: alternate approach to exporting, ala svn export.

Either of these hep better than this:
$ find . -type f -not -path ‘./notThisDirectory’ -exec cp ‘{}’ ‘/c/Development/toThisDirectory/{}’ \;

The problem with the above is that, although it nicely didn’t merge in the ‘notThisDirectory’, it did copy in my .git/config, thus making my separate local repository copy get remarkably confused about where it should push/pull from…