Nerd #3

There was this running joke at my last job, that we were looking to hire Tina 2.0.  Tina 2.0 was the person who would step into my fairly large shoes (both in terms of responsibility and actual size) when I moved onto bigger and better things.   At the time, we all thought that that would mean a new project within my company, but that’s another story.  I was a bit troubled with the release notation: it implied that this would be a major upgrade of me, when in fact it was more of a substitutionary or cloning kind of thing (and no, I don’t want to explore that particular phrase).

So now I’m wrestling with release numbering yet again.  Our family is comprised of parental units 1 and 2, and child units 1 and 2.  We could call ourselves P1, P2, C1, and C2.  Heck, maybe we could get Cat in the Hat/Thing inspired t-shirts.  But there’s no Thing3 in the Cat in the Hat, and there’s the rub.  C3 (whose diaper will be filled not with P0, but with Poo [or, as P(not me) put it, P-ewwww]) has a targeted released date.  C1 is highly excited (“Mommy and me are going to have a baby!”) and C2 is oblivious.  P1 and P2 are so busy with C1 and C2 that I don’t think it’s really hit us yet.  But, oh, it will, it will.


  1. Okay, this is nerdy, but the new baby will make Nerd #5 for us. We already have two little nerds, and I’m presumably also a nerd, and you definitely are one. So, five.

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