I’m a beer girl. I like good beer. I like to taste varying beers and try to find something new and unique. And then I forget what I tried that was new, unique, and tasted good. So going to start collecting beer thoughts here.

Beer of the evening: espresso oak aged Yeti, by the Great Divide Brewing Co from Colorado. It’s an imperial stout. Its bottle suggests food pairings of “breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict, hash browns, cheesecake, creme brulee”. Think I’ll avoid beer with breakfast, but interesting from a marketing materials kind of perspective.

I definitely lean towards porters and stouts. None of that IPA stuff for me, generally. Lagers and ambers in moderation. Not so much into the hoppy beers – want my beer to have a bit of heft to it. Feel free to comment and suggest things I should try. Last weekend, had an Oatmeal Stout at Brewer’s Alley that was pretty good. Don’t think that’s available except for a drive out to Frederick, though, and it wasn’t amazing enough to cause the round trip.

Beer experiment still in progress for a light beer. In that same idea of finding a diet soda that’s a stand-by, figured I’d look for a good light beer. Tried Michelob Ultra lime and cactus – gosh darn awful stuff. Bud Light / Miller Light – worse and worse. Corona Light – vaguely drinkable, my go-to when I’m out with my rugby team, but otherwise not a preference. Sam Adams Light – workable, but not all that interesting.