Good geek couple of days

The past day or so have been laden with good, geeky happenings.  First, my family got a Wii for Christmas.  The sheer delight of my kids as they tore off its wrapping paper and shouted ‘Wii!’ in unison was wonderful.  They (and us) have now spent hours playing tennis and bowling against each other.  My younger daughter’s found some way to really scream the tennis ball on her serve: I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.  It’s nearly unreturnable, at least for me, anyway.

Next, I got to reference a teen boy from my church who was griping about wanting to do Unix-like things on his Microsoft laptop to Cygwin.  Now, what makes that even sweeter is that when the youth group was over at Christmas, when the guys had a tech question, they immediately turned to my husband.  No knocks against my husband; he was able to answer their questions, and frankly, does have certain tech areas covered much better than I do.  However, given that they don’t know him really at all, I was a bit peeved that the assumption was that he would be the person to answer the question.  It was nice to toss a technical morsel to at least one of the guys.

Lastly, my Facebook Scramble score went up by 32 points this weekend.  I had held the lead position in my circle of friends for months by some 15 points, but hadn’t been able to beat my personal best.  I beat it, and then beat my new top score, to really annoyingly widen the lead.

So, I’m happily geeking out.  No coding as yet this weekend, though I’ve seen a few headlines in the tech world I want to poke at.  Merb + Ruby?  Two technologies I haven’t played much with have now merged: hmmm…  time to do some poking.

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