Back On My Feet: Marathon as a Fundraiser

I first read about Back On My Feet in Runners World earlier this year. The article talked about a group of folks who were inspired to set goals for themselves and to persevere to do something they had never considered doing before. I’m a goal-setter, so this all resonated with me: it’s why I run marathons, to run farther and faster than I ever thought I could. But while my biggest challenge is figuring out how to motivate myself and fit in my runs around a hectic schedule, these folks were fitting in their runs around the “challenges” of homelessness and addictions.

Back On My Feet is a program begun by a 27 year old (!) who recognized that everyone wants an opportunity to achieve something for themselves and with others. The Back On My Feet program works with homeless shelters in Philadelphia and Baltimore to set up running programs that provide structure, dignity, and an opportunity to accomplish.

I’m running for Back On My Feet as a fund-racer in the Marine Corps Marathon. My fundraising requirement is $2500 – I’m setting “bold and audacious goals” of doubling that because I believe that (1) this is a great program, (2) this resonates deeply with what I believe of supporting folks while helping them pull themselves up, and (3) I think that my network of friends and acquaintances should be introduced to this program in a big way.

If you’d like to support me in this challenge, my fundraising hub is available through

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