BOMF Progress Updates

$5K is no small fundraising goal for me.  I’d previously considered running for various causes I’d like to support, or just because a race was in neat place, but asking folks for money just seemed a bit too intimidating.  Some of that’s changed for me.  I’m going to be asking lots of folks for money to get to $5K, and I’m now viewing it as an opportunity to let lots of folks know about BOMF.  Giving also lets them participate in the fund-racing in some less strenous way than running 26.2 miles, not counting the hundreds of miles I’ll log before the race in preparation.

What I’d like to do in this blog is let folks know how things are going, both from a fundraising perspective and from a running perspective.  Bring you along for the adventure, in a sense.  If you comment on something you see here, that’ll also act as encouragement for me.  I didn’t come into this thinking it’ll be easy, and in fact, that’s part of the fun: I want to achieve a goal in partnership with all of you, something bigger than we’d individually be able to achieve.  That’s the point of BOMF anyway, isn’t it?  The program helps homeless individuals who have been told by society they can’t accomplish anything, and gives them something to accomplish.  The program does it teamed with that individual,  and even better, sets up a whole group that are trying to help each other succeed.

So keep an eye out for updates to this page.  You can get to a direct link of all my BOMF posts at  Comment on things you find interesting.  Donate!  Join the fund-racing team.

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