Disliking Grails this evening

I’m trying to use a class within Grails. Specifically, I want to use one of their Codecs classes that comes within Grails itself to let me build a tool to encrypt a password, so that I’d then be able to set up their Codecs to use to decrypt / use within the application, so that I’m not storing an unencrypted database password. Grails provides Codecs – should be “easy” to use them, rather than needing to write my own. Cryptography is one of of those areas that causes code reviewers to grow concerned, in terms of releasing code out into the wild, so being able to point to making use of an existing class would have been highly helpful. However, in attempting to use a static encode closure, getting all sorts of muck which I’d need to include in the classpath, etc. Grrrrrrrrrr….

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