May the 4th was Star Wars Day, as well as Free Comic Book Day. Complete geekfest. After an alumni rugby game (we won, I scored!) and a lunch out with the kids, I took my younger daughter to the local comics store. She’s not hooked, but now I am – after she asked me the ‘where are the girls in comic books?’, I went hunting for female characters. Found two new comic series: the Fearless Defenders and Ame-Comi Girls. Fearless Defenders is a new story line, mostly, while the Ame-Comi Girls series tells the stories of the women from the DC Universe comics. We see how Wonder Woman ended up coming off her island and why she’s in such a revealing costume (she resents it, by the way), get to see adventure stories of BatGirl and SuperWoman, etc.

I was never all that interested in comic books as a kid, but really liking this stuff. I figure purchasing them helps send an economic signal that folks are interested in these story lines. And if it doesn’t succeed, I suspect these comic books could end up as collectibles of interest to women such as myself – win, win.

Oooh, I see there are two new Fearless Defenders out – gotta go hit my local comic book store!

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