More geek fun

Today I’ve:
– presented half-working stuff at a retrospective and then spent the rest of the day moving it forward
– figured out that one reason my widget wasn’t working was because it was being served as http, rather than https, which caused mixed-content headaches
– configured Apache to deal with https. Worked much more nicely on Linux than it did on Windows. Meaning, I was completely hosed on Windows.
– got PHP working with PDO and MySQL. No, PHP 5.3 does NOT automatically work with PDO. Though yum install nicely gets things working, once you figure out the right set
– compiled node and npm on our Linux instance, as it sure seemed nicer to pull what we need from Git directly to the box with a known build environment, rather than build it and push it up via ftp. Note: compiling node requires things like gcc and make – haven’t seen those since C++ in college. Glad everything just worked, once the right path revealed.
– reviewed a briefing deck for a meeting tomorrow… unclear what these guys are asking for, but they’ve definitely got a pitch in mind
– signed timesheets, updated mine
– talked through demo possibilities with another team

More stuff, too, including futzing with git feature branches, investigating how to create separate user accounts on the ec2 instance so that a git clone wouldn’t expose my password in history, and a few other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten…

And I thought I’d only spend 10 hours “managing” this project.. Uh, maybe that’s right. Except that most everything above is _doing_ rather than managing. That said, a healthy mix keeps me happy. Better bounds on the work day would make me even happier. Too bad I don’t give up until a problem’s solved.

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