DropWizard, Jersey, and /* */

Occasionally I write posts just to let me hold onto a thought process, moreso than to help someone else find a solution.  The below fits that profile – feel free to ignore, unless you’re really interested in poking around DropWizard.

Goal: wrap JSON responses with /* */.  This is to support a hacky version of CSRF.  Bleah.

Starting point: DropWizard 0.7.1, which used Jersey 1.18


  • JacksonMessageBodyProvider: just couldn’t get it to hook in correctly
  • Jersey ContainerResponseFilter: Hook in via DropWizard’s environment.jersey().getResourceConfig().getContainerResponseFilters().add( … do guice injection here ).  No ready way to rewrite response.  Can append headers.  Could apparently adjust request information going in.  But not JSON formatted result coming out
  • Servlet Filter: can append /* foo */ (haven’t yet grabbed JSON), but that’s added to { “foo”: “bar”, “bar”: “foo”}/* foo */, rather than wrapping.  Did have to turn off gzip in DropWizard, else the stream was already closed.  (Couldn’t figure out a way to inject my filter in ahead of the Gzip actions…)  In this case, though, httpResponse.resetBuffer() doesn’t succeed, as the stream is already committed.

Final solution: use WriteInterceptor: https://jersey.java.net/documentation/latest/filters-and-interceptors.html#d0e9712 – but those exist in Jersey 2, which isn’t supported until DropWizard 0.8.0…   Note: Jersey 2 changes its dependency injection approach to use HK2 instead of its previous own approach, which meant that my nifty wiring in of Spring security had to be redone / reworked.

Outcome: Whoever decided to protect from JSON execution through wrapping the JSON with comment blocks, you threw me a number of curve balls.  But I did in fact prevail, and now have an interceptor which wraps my responses appropriately, _if_ there’s not a certain flag and the user making the request isn’t a privileged user.  Ugh.  All nicely unit-tested, using Mockito to let me cover the conditions for the request, etc.  This is code I need to hang onto….


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