Sunday: remorse or excitement?

Sunday evenings: are they filled with potential for the week ahead or remorse for the weekend now ending? For me, it’s an odd mix of both…

Sundays are generally relaxing. We sleep in a bit, at least as compared to the school and work week, getting up in time to make it to church. Since there’s no Sunday school during the summer, that means we need to be there by 10:30. Seeing as I work to get into work between 7 and 7:30, that’s a several hour difference of sleep and just general languidness and enjoyment of my bed, breakfast, and beagles.

Sunday afternoons, we’ll often go out to lunch as a family after church, and then maybe visit friends or play a softball game or go for a walk. There’s a real enjoyment to Sunday. And yet, I spent part of today feeling restless. What am I achieving in this restful state? (Besides observing a commandment…) I need to retrain my brain to enjoy the rest, to perhaps pursue a hobby (practice some balloon twisting? go for a run? cook something interesting?) rather than weigh examining government proposals or building recruiting budgets or checking out technology questions. Those are Monday through Friday things. (Saturday is catchup on lawn, on housecleaning, on commitments to volunteer efforts…)

So Sunday is also a day of anticipation, of getting back into the swing of achievement of Monday through Friday. I can dig back into Docker without thinking I’m short-shrifting something else. I can read code with appreciation and enjoyment. I can look at government SBIR descriptions and plan and scheme on how best to answer with a proposal.

Love this ebb and flow of go-getter-ness and slow-down-edness. I don’t think I could appreciate either one as well without the continual rhythm of shifting between the two of them.

Happy Sunday!

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