Leadership conundrums 1 and 2

Within the last month, I’ve been promoted to a team leadership / manager’s position.  Within our company, that gives me responsibility for people, budget, and client management, as well as gives me additional opportunities and responsibilities for supporting the overall health and development of my company.  This is exactly what I’ve looked for, and is a defining step in my career.  You’re never hired into one of these positions unless you can demonstrate you’ve done it well before, so it’s a significant step forward.  It’s also a milestone for me in determining whether I have or can develop the skills and talents to start my own business.  All in all, a good thing, though like in any job, there’ve already been a few challenges more significant than just the daily bustle.

Leadership challenge #1:  [can’t talk it about it here until the fullness of time has passed].  Will update later, but is causing me to stretch and weigh commitments to team members versus commitment to company, and determine whether I’m serving my office well.  If I’m not, I need to figure that out quickly.

Leadership challenge #2:  a new company policy came out that is unexpected.  There’s no argument that it’s within the company’s rights to establish such a policy.  There’s some debate in my mind as to whether it’s in the company’s best interests overall.  It’s distinctly not in the employees’ favor, which makes my leadership job a bit more interesting, particularly since I get the copy of the policy at the same time as everyone else and have no more insight into its reasoning or intended application.

Just jotting these down to remind myself of interesting items and dilemnas.  When / if it’s appropriate, I may fill in details for my few readers and figure out how I did versus should have handled these things.

Off to work to see what the day holds!  And reminding myself that there are no surprises to the One who’s allowed me to step into this role.  May my service be useful.

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