18 – ouch!

So, remember last week, when I meant to do 16 but only ended up doing 12? I wasn’t going to repeat that this week. Due to various scheduling complications on my part, my running partner and I decided to not try to run together Saturday. Saturday morning dawned, and I was on my own.

Left the note for my hubby on the table indicating when I left (no one’s up on Saturday when I go) and when I thought I’d be back. 18 mile runs take a very long time for me. Headed to the trail.

Long story short, this was an agonizingly long run. At one point, I even had to stop and sit down – like I said, an agonizing run. However, I did every last mile. No bailing, though I did consider it a few times from about mile 13 on… Was weighing how long it’d take my hubby to get there, after getting kids in the car, and how just miserable I’d feel sitting there waiting for him. So, I always managed to push myself just one more interval. Some of them I ended up walking all of, some of them parts of… at the end, I was promising myself beers if I’d finish an interval completely (5 minutes run, 1 minute walk).

When I got home and went to shower, I discovered chafing in more areas than I’ve EVER had. My sports top left its marks, as did the waistband of my shorts, and the seam on my inner thigh. I did use BodyGlide before hand, but apparently either not enough, or it was just plain hot and sticky enough out that nothing was helping. I’ll pay for that for a few more days, but it should be all healed up before next week’s 20 MILER!

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