Rugby and the beach as ministry opportunities?

God does things in interesting and exciting ways..  discussed things that were high points for the week with the college group this morning, and mentioned my excitement at possibly playing rugby again.  The young man to the right of me, relatively new to the group, very quiet, spoke to me at the end of our session and was excited to hear that there’s rugby in the area.  Turns out, he was a scrumhalf and would like to play again.  Thank you, God, for giving me an opportunity this weekend to both be excited on my own behalf, and the opportunity to share that with another person who seems to be looking for his place in a new country (young man is here from Africa), new church, and new group of people.

Now, low side: turns out we may need adults to help travel with the college group to Florida for their retreat trip in May.  The college students can’t drive the rental van, and of course, we want to make sure their travels are safe.  I love this group of people, am happy to work with / alongside them.  But a week at the beach, with a mass of college students (ours + possibly hundreds more), with a 19 hour van ride?  Personally hellacious.   This week is a missionary weekend at our church – folks describing opportunities for ministry amongst hardships in the field.  This trip to Florida, and I know how ridiculous this sounds, would be my personal hardship stint. I know that sounds ridiculous: a beach trip in America as hardship?  For a 35+ year old person who sunburns easily, has all sorts of mental hangups with being in a swimsuit, and then to spend a week in that environment where I’d stick out like a sore thumb, PLUS 19 hours in a van each way??!   Talk about needing to step forth in faith that God would use my discomfort and fish out of water challenges to his glory.

Very interested to see what God will do with both of these areas over the next few months…

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