Rugby practice complete!

From 7-9 this evening much mud was acquired.  Many sprints were sprinted (OK, as quickly run as I could pull off – I was definitely bringing up the rear, but that’s not old age – I’m just slow).  Many tackles made, many times tackled.  Passing drills successfully accomplished.  Sore, but not in an amazingly awful way.  Will see what tomorrow looks like.

Amusing anecdote: was asked if I had played before.  Yep, played at UMBC.  Oh, did you know so-and-so?  Probably not, graduated a long time ago.  Well, maybe you’d know her anyway, she’s 26?  Uh huh, not so much.  I’ll count that as them not being able to judge how old I am (ten+ years older than their “old” player from UMBC).  And/or, more rationally realize we were playing mostly in the dark.

Much fun had by the old rugger!  Can’t wait for the next practice, and then my first game!


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