Galaxy S5, with bling!

Today was 1 day short of my duodecimal birthday – new word I hadn’t heard before my hubby announced it as upcoming yesterday.  In short, it was one month after my (ahem)th birthday, and he wanted a chance to mark it.  The actual day of my (ahem)th birthday was pretty low-key, and  he decided he wanted a birthday “do-over”.

I woke up to a happy birthday message on the bathroom mirror in dry eraser.  Came back from my gym workout to find breakfast on the table, all 3 kids up, and 2 presents next to my plate.  Open the first wrapping paper to find a Galaxy S5 box.  Open the box, very excited (I’d been contemplating the phone upgrade for a while!) to find no phone, but instead my engagement ring all nicely fixed up and shiny.  Somehow about a year ago I’d bent the ring badly enough that it no longer fit on my finger.  It had sat in my jewelry box forlornly – we hadn’t known who we could trust to fix it well.  He’d tracked down a jeweler, got the original ring reshaped, and the gem setting fixed…   And then he pulled my new phone out, separately wrapped up.

So this evening my ring finger is shiny again and I’m having fun getting my apps and settings over to my new phone.   Samsung’s done a great job making it simple – I gave it my Samsung credentials and all (OK, make that many) of my apps started porting over to the new phone.  I’ve deleted a few that were only useful for a one-time event kind of thing (conference agendas, anyone?), but otherwise am looking forward to a pretty smooth transition!  Cameron will be able to bug me for Temple Run.  One of the apps I haven’t seen make it over yet is the Furby fart and burp control app – I’ll have to work on building it on my new Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system.

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