Burping, Farting Furbys

So a month and a half ago, I proudly announced that I’d been accepted as a speaker to OSCON, on the strength of the a topic called ‘Arduino + Furby Broken Build Notification – Oh, You’ll Want to Fix It Quick’.  The pit-stop ahead of OSCON is Next Century’s annual Women In Computing Day (link is for news of 2013 event… 2014 event is June 8), where Furbys will headline the Robotics talk area.

So what appeals to young ladies, roughly in the area of 8-12?   Why burps and farts, of course!  (Research acquired through both my own daughters who are suspect through parental influence, and through their friends, and through work with young ladies in our church over the years.)  Grand accomplishment of the afternoon: an Android app that allows a user to push a button and make a Furby fart _and_ burp on command.  I think Women in Computing will be a grand success.

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