Things I’m reading

Things I’m in the middle of reading, also known as glimpses into my psyche:

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman: we’re reading this for our Women In Technology Group at work. So far, a couple of chapters in, my System 1 brain is convinced the book should progress more quickly
  • The Clown in You, by Caroline Dream: reading this to try to think about my clowning in new ways, to spark my thinking in new paths
  • Hacking, the Art of Exploitation, by Jon Erickson: my cyber masters program is leaving me less than inspired, and more feeling slogged in its various papers. Hoping this book gives me some new angles and inspiration

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  1. For the record, our group punted on “Thinking: Fast and Slow”. Several of us thought the book should progress more quickly, and weren’t willing to slog it through.

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