8K Beer Fest

Running a race tomorrow. 8K, which my calculator tells me works out to 4.96 miles. Not the longest I’ve ever run, but definitely a challenging test for me. So, I was surprised to hear that a coworker is running this same race, and that she doesn’t consider herself a runner. This came about, as she explained, as a result of ‘beer muscle’. A group of her friends and she were talking about the race, and decided on a whim to do it. Heck, and there’s beer at the end of the race – what more could you want?

I actually hadn’t realized the beer at the end thing when I signed up. To me, it’s another notch towards the marathon distance. I’ll run it, aiming for 55 minutes or so, and then I’ll meet my sis for dessert. Gotta replace those calories I’ve burned somehow – might just melt away otherwise… 🙂 Whilst my friend is pouring down the brews, I’ll be sliding down some ice cream.

I’m desperately hoping I come in ahead of my coworker. I’ve been beaten by grannies, by folks pushing jogging strollers, by little kids… I don’t consider myself fast. But I’m working on the dedicated runner angle… ‘Twould suck skunked beer suds if I was beaten by someone running purely for the frosty mug at the end.

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