Little girl rant

So, it’s Saturday morning and it looks like a beautiful day outside. Jason and his dad have plans to work on our deck this morning as soon as it’s reasonable to run power tools and not wake the neighbors. So, the long run needed to happen bright and early. No problem. Went to bed early last night so that I could get up super early and run before mommy-duty commenced (little girls and power tools don’t mix well). Jason stayed up, ‘cos he’d rather snag his goof-around time late in the evening than early in the morning.

Alarm’s set for a little before 6. A little before a little before 6, Cora yells out in her sleep. Which wakes up Callie. Which deep-sixes my run this morning. While Cora drifts back to sleep, Callie’s excited to be up.

Earlier this week, Jason had to wake Callie up at ten a.m., she had slept so long. Most days, both girls sleep until at least 8, and often closer to 8:30.

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