Sunday Gym Rat

Sunday workout – now that’s my idea of rest and relaxation.  Sweating, pushing metal…  it’s become my habit to go to the gym on Sunday afternoons.  We’ll come home from the regular service, usually after going out to lunch, and then I’ll head to the gym for an hour or so before Jason heads back to play for the evening service.  I used to feel a bit guilty about working out on the Sabbath until two things happened: (1) I ran into one of our pastors there on Sunday [granted, Sunday’s a work day for him], and (2) I realized that for me, working out is relaxation, both a mental and physical break from the ordinary jobs of software development and motherhood.  It’s me time, all the better when I can convince a friend to join me there and talk as work out on the elipticals.   Even more encouraging, I keep seeing a woman who’s obviously at least 7 or 8 months pregnant there, doing the same stuff as me, which gives me hope that I can keep this going.  It’s nice to think that as I weigh in at the doc on Tuesday, that I can claim some amount of the weight gain as muscle mass.  And if I can hold onto that muscle gain, then the baby weight oughta come off that much more easily.

The one gotcha I ran into today: a baby foot or arm, couldn’t tell which, in the ribs really isn’t conducive to working on the pec machine…

I keep asking my doc each visit, making sure this is all still OK.  Each visit, she expresses surprise that I’m still able to do it, but keeps telling me that as long as I’m up to it, it’s OK for the baby.   I’ll ask again Tuesday, but am sure hoping that I can keep this up for at least a few more months.

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