Motorcycle dreaming

On Sunday, I had an amazing day.  (Monday wasn’t nearly so amazing, but I’ll save that rant for a separate post.)  On Sunday, my daughter scored an amazing number of goals in our soccer game AND I got to ride a motorcycle.  At one point she turned to me and said ‘that’s goal number five, Mommy!’.  The mommy side of me cheered.  The coach side of me figured I’d better get her off the field fairly quickly to try to keep things even across both our team and the other team.  It’s under-six soccer, no goalie, no keeping score, everybody gets equal playing time.  But when one kid keeps scoring, folks tend to notice and grumble a bit.  Hey, can I help it if she’s got legs like a gazelle?

Anyway, back to the motorcycle thing.  It’s been a long-time dream of mine to drive and own a motorcycle.  This Sunday was just a taste, riding on the back of a friend’s bike.  But now I’ve got the fever bad.  I keep looking in the want ads at used bikes, and then going to look up what features the various bikes have.  I’m no motorcycle expert.  One of the guys at work tells me I should look for a bike with ABS.  (Hey, I’d like abs, too, though I was thinking more of the six-pack variety.)  Others suggest getting a new bike.  Others suggest getting a Rebel.  (Did I mention that I get to whet my appetite based on two of the guys in my office pulling up on motorcycles occasionally?) 

 So now I’m dreaming of ways to finance my toy without impacting our budget or feeling like I’m depriving my kids’ college educations.  If you know any great software developers with security clearances, I’m accepting resumes.  One or two referral bonuses would do quite nicely to finance the dream. 

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