Dreaming of cakes

We’re in the midst of a home renovation project.  Essentially, we decided that it made more sense to add a little bit more elbow room to our current house than to increase and reset our mortgage payment.  We’re pretty happy with the crew that we chose to do the work – they’re folks we knew already through church who happen to have a home renovation company.  But we’re now slightly over our original schedule’s end-date, with likely another couple of weeks of work left to go.  We’ve been without a kitchen for weeks now and have subsisted on whatever we can cook in the microwave or on a hot plate or on the grill.  Consider your life without an oven, a stove, or a dishwasher.  I’m dreaming of baked goods, and Jason swears that the first week where the oven’s in play, we’re going to roast a different cut of meat every night.   Ham, chicken, duck, …  heck, if there’s a way to roast tofu, I think it’ll be in our oven that week.

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