Keeping on keeping on

Just to bring you to up to speed (hah: if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s speedy):
Friday: 2.5 miles outside.
Saturday: 8 miles, done as 5 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals.
Monday: 1.5 [stomach troubles day]

I play mental games with myself to keep me going. Friday was 2.5 rather than 3 because I told myself if I ran all the hills on Friday straight through, that I’d give myself a break on distance. Hills are a key objective for me, since Marine Corps has a few, including a really steep and obnoxious one right at the finish line. (Something about storming Iwo Jima: can you imagine?! 🙂 )

Monday was 1.5 rather than more just because my stomach gave me tremendous grief. I had to stop running at about 1.5 miles and walk very carefully back home. I tried to short-circuit my morning routine to get out the door quickly. Runners have routines and rituals (eat only this, drink only that, BodyGlide in these specific areas, wear only this pair of socks….) that help them avoid discomfort. Cheating to get out the door quickly cost me what was shaping up to be a great run.

So, instead of Wednesday being a cross-training day, I’ll run on Wednesday. Tuesday evening I’ll do treadmill intervals, Wednesday I’ll do an easy run, Thursday probably some hillwork, Friday an easy run, and then Saturday will be my first 10 miler this season. Need to remember the BodyGlide!

On the fundraising side, I’ve been sending out emails in batches of 5. I’m keeping a spreadsheet of who I’ve tagged and when and how I tagged them. Each night I’ve been adding more names to the list to use in a later batch of emails. I don’t want to send out all at once because I keep tweaking the letter.

Also have set up a date for a Pampered Chef fundraiser party. Instead of me ending up with more Pampered Chef items in my kitchen, my consultant will contribute a percentage of the proceeds to Back On My Feet. It’s a win-win situation: my consultant is a friend of mine who’s getting laid off this week. This lets me help burgeoning Pampered Chef business support her between jobs, and helps my fund-racing, as well.

If you’re aware of other people / companies I should be talking with, please let me know! I’m not shy, and/or I can make myself get over it for the benefit of the BOMF fund-racing.

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