BOMF update

So, contrary to plans, last weekend we didn’t do a 20 miler. I had some radically sore muscles from a stupid weightlifting mistake (too much weight on a squat bar does not make for happy legs), and my running partner had a nasty cold which was giving her vertigo. So, we decided the wiser option was to run shorter, on our own. Because we’ve been good about getting in the long runs, we had some options to still get in one, maybe two 20 milers before the race. This week I’m now the one fighting a cold, keeping me home from work today to avoid spreading the contagion. Should still be able to run Saturday, though, particularly if I take it somewhat easy for the next few days.

On the fundraising front: things are picking up! I sent out quite a few fundraising letters to friends, family, and business friends, either through mail or through LinkedIn. Over the last few days, I’ve had 4 contributions, bringing the total tally in for BOMF so far to $790.93. Still a ways away from $2500, and a LARGE ways away from my personal goal of $5K, but definitely going in the right direction. See the links to BOMF on the right-hand side of the page if you’d like to help make that fundraising total go further.

I’m still 2nd in the list of fundraisers. There’s one woman in front of me, and 8 men listed behind us. I find that interesting… It looks like most of the dollars raised for the Marine Corp are through ‘Team Accenture’. Accenture is a global management company, large size, and makes a point of impacting the community. So, it doesn’t surprise me that they’d have a team. What I wonder, though, is what the makeup of the top 10 fundraiser list suggests: are 1/10 of the folks on their team women? Is that woman outstanding at fundraising, or are the set of individual men less motivated? Curious… wonder if I’ll meet these folks at the race or at BOMF events. (Note that I’m assuming, based on the total $s raised by Team Accenture, that the other 9 folks on the list are all Accenture team members. That may not in fact be true.)  If you’re interested in the list of fundraisers for BOMF’s Marine Corp Marathon team, see the BOMF Active fundraising site.

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