Amusing release notes

Highly amused by the release notes for‘s beta3 release. Included below in their entirety.

Release Notes for 1.0.0

Release Notes: Release Notes: October 24, 2011
Version Number: 1.0.0
New In This Release

* General Enhancements
o .
* General Bugs Fixes
o .
* Known Issues
o .

I guess if you’re 1.0, by definition there are no enhancements or no bug fixes. Gonna guess there may be some known issues, though. For comparison, as well as to explain why I’m amused: Our projects list the deltas between our alpha versions in the release notes for our alphas. Alpha2’s release notes will list new features added in that alpha since alpha1, as well as any major bug fixes since alpha1.

This empty template just highly amuses me…

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