Rugby season complete!

Today was the last day of Severn River Rugby’s spring season. Any typos in this post are the fault of two fingers being taped together after at least bruising, possibly breaking one of mine. But the season wound up undefeated! Highlights: stopping a try (today) on the goal line; not being last finishing sprint drills in practice (I am the oldest player by several years on the team); getting picked to play A-side consistently; getting asked to play for the Olde Girls at RuggerFest (35+ team, selective, many players have played at the top tiers of womens’ rugby); PLAYING for the Olde Girls (not only undefeated, but not scored upon during the weekend); scoring a try; torqueing (breaking?) my nose; going to work with a black eye (non-nose related)…

Great season! Sorry to see 15’s end. We have a few weeks off before 7’s season practice begins. Many, many thanks to my hubby for letting me play! Most appreciated! And Cora now wants to play kids’ rugby (touch) this summer – looking forward to it!

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