South Africa Bound!

My womens’ rugby team, Severn River Rugby,  is planning a tour of South Africa next summer!  Very exciting!  We’re planning to be there for two weeks, and our coach is looking at finding us three games.  Doing some poking around, apparently womens’ rugby has only really been in action there since 2001.  Coach took another local team, the Washington Furies, in 2004, so this then becomes a chance to introduce a new set of ladies to each other, communicating through the hard-hitting language of tackles on the field with socials off the field.  We’re seeking sponsors for this trip: if you’re interested in helping encourage the growth of womens’ rugby, not only here, but internationally, please let me know.

I have other interests beyond rugby  – surprise to so many who know how driven I am about getting to play my sport.  If we/I am going to Africa, I’m seeking to make good use of that time and expense to do something which honors the Lord.  I’ll sneak as many of our players in along with me, whether or not their personal motivations are for the Lord, for serving others, or just for checking out an interesting experience.  It turns out our church is connected with a missionary family in South Africa, so reaching out there.  Our coach connected me with a group called ‘Hope in South Africa’ – check out their Sundowners event this Oct 20.  I’m not personally involved with the group yet, but the things I’m seeing on their site and on their Facebook page are very interesting and inspiring to read.  If you’re personally aware of other areas, very interested in hearing.  Again, the driver here is just that if I’m investing the time and money to go to Africa, away from other areas in life, it oughta be for more than “just” playing rugby and touring around.

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