There are lots of places on the web based around the idea of images. Sites that seek to impress you with flashy graphics and effects, or images that draw you in, enticing you to spend time or money. This site won’t attempt to accomplish that through images – as you can see, my ability to make beautiful websites is, shall we say, less than impressive. Hopefully, two things will occur. One, this lil’ piece of the web will be interesting to someone (at least me), regardless of its lack of visual attraction. Two, I’ll in some way absorb some creative karma and evolve this area into a visually beautiful venue. (“Visually beautiful venue”? What a load of horse manure!) In the meantime, this’ll serve as an outlet for the ideas and thoughts that are languishing for lack of expression. None are guaranteed to have any value to anyone but me. And looking back at them, I’ll probably decide a fair number of ’em didn’t have any value, period. Feel free to comment, influence my postings, just generally interact. The web’s good for more things than buying stuff, catching up on news, and other less interactive (and often less socially redeeming) things.

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