Proverbs project

Among the resolutions for the New Year this year was this one: work through all 31 Proverbs, summarizing each, and memorizing a key verse from each to help bring it back to mind.  31 is about 1 every week and a half, with a bit of room for catchup.  Bible memorization is not my strong suit, hence giving myself lots of room to succeed.  So far, the verses chosen are Proverbs 1:7 and Proverbs 2:1.  I must confess: Proverbs 2:1 is a long one.  It’s the one I thought was important in instructing me, not necessarily the verse important for summarizing the Proverb.  I was sorely tempted to choose a shorter one.  Given that I just chose today, it may yet retreat – though I hope not.  I’d rather learn the thing that I’m led to tuck away into my heart than learn the short one to achieve what is admittedly an artificial goal.

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