Outcome from #justdontfreakout

So, I avoided the #freakout! The conference talk went well. The one thing that didn’t go well was trying to use Periscope. It turns out that attempting to type, show things via a phone, and deal with the inherent delay of viewing “live” in Periscope was more than I could take on at a time. The moderator came up and showed me that there was a light with some sort of button I could push which would then project whatever was under it. Should I end up getting to talk at OSCON again, I’ll investigate that a bit further. As it was, I ended up just providing color commentary to the audience (“if you could see this up close, it’s blinking!”), rather than attempting to deal with one more thing on the fly.

So, the results… beyond me feeling like it went well, I have a few more data points to suggest, hey, this came off very nicely! First, the qualitative: right after my session, I had to jet to the airport to catch my flight. Not one but two different folks in the same security line mentioned that they had just seen my talk and really enjoyed it. Score! Basking in feelings of minor celebrity there in the security checkpoint line. Second, the quantitative: of likely 60 (!!) folks in the room who came to my talk, 6 have taken the time to evaluate my session and give it a rating. Of a potential 5 point rating, I have 6 folks who’ve given me an average of 4.67 as a rating… Just for the record, I’m not one of the 6… I haven’t, unfortunately, taken the time out to rate anyone else’s schedule, so I’m particularly grateful for those who’ve taken the time to give me a good rating.

I’ll be given a reprise of the talk at a local Golang group on June 23rd… Trying to figure out what to add between now and then – doesn’t feel right to give a duplicate talk, exactly. But do want to take advantage of the work already done and expose it to a local audience….

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