Ms. America

I can now say, I was a member of the Ms. America parade. I’m not a pageant kind of gal myself, so it wasn’t exactly on the bucket list. BUT, now my husband can say he’s married to someone who was in the Ms. America parade. Score!  (For the record, I’m the blue-haired clown in the back row… ) 



Had a great time high-fiving kids and adults along the parade route….  two miles of Atlantic City boardwalk, lined with folks on both sides.  We saw young and old, all interested in interacting with clowns and having their days brightened.  Even in my newbie clown state, I got to help brighten a few folks’ days.   Expect the wig to change by the next pic, as well as the makeup – learning with each new event how to get better at clowning…  Uh, and learning to take environmental conditions into consideration – the wind along the boardwalk made wigs, clown noses, and clown props much more of a ‘will they stay on’ kind of affair…


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