WiCys Challenge 2

After a day of supporting First Lego League as a judge (lotta fun!), I was delighted to see an early release of next week’s WiCys cyber challenge. The title is ‘Wireshark doo dooo do doo’ and it’s only a 50 point challenge, so I was expecting a not too difficult exercise in finding things in a network traffic file.

Not too difficult is right. After checking the file properties (and importantly, looking at the comments, as well as doing a quick search in the text of the file for the flag format of picoCTF – hey, easy finds are still points!), I looked through what the file’s protocol hierarchy said it held. Mostly HTTP, with a little bit of line-based text data. Let’s start there.

Results: two packets that returned text/html or text/plain data. The line-based text data one has a syntax that looks a lot like a flag: foo{morecraziness}.

I tried using CyberChef’s Magic decryptor, without success. I even tried telling it what I expected the first bits of the text to be (“The flag is picoCTF”) – stil no dice. I then tried an online substitution cypher breaker I’ve used before: https://www.dcode.fr/rot-cipher. In this case, the first thing it returned in its long list of possibles was ROT13, with text that said THEFLAGISPICOCTF. OK, that’s my likely winner. I went back to CyberChef and used its ROT13 recipe, figuring it’d better handle upper/lower, numbers, etc. Bingo. Flag in hand, all w/in ~15 minutes.

Going to have find some more interesting puzzles for the rest of the week…

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