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You can probably tell that posting this frequently isn’t natural for me, based on my previous history.  But I’m hoping keeping you in the loop gives you a reason to connect with BOMF’s mission, even if it’s just through my mission to benefit BOMF.  I did buy some shoes on Thursday and run some hills on the treadmill.  Saturday dawned bright and early with a ten mile run.  It was tougher than I had expected, mostly because it was hillier than I expected.  The upside: my friend Mindy got an elevation chart which shows that the change in elevation in our training run is more vigorous than the change in elevation in the marathon.  And I finished it!  Slowly, had to suck it up a few times, had to walk a few times, but I made it!

I did get a chance to hear a great interview today on WYPR by Dan Rodricks.  He interviewed some of the folks involved in BOMF Baltimore, from the program director to a program participant.  Inspiring session: good way to get the scoop directly.  Check it out via the link on Rodrick’s site.

A few notes I jotted down listening to the session:

  • 40 members participate in Baltimore from homeless shelters.
  • More than 120 folks show up to run with the “resident” members of BOMF.  They’re at these shelters at 5:30 in the morning!
  • 5 members recently completed the Baltimore 10-Miler.
  • Kudos to Helping Up Mission, specifically mentioned as doing a great job with the Next Steps program

I did see a great addition to the BOMF site: they’ve specifically broken out what it takes to support a BOMF participant for a year.  They’ve done a great thing, broken it out line by line, and also shown where they get in-kind donations (for shoes, shirts, etc) and where they need cash.  Check it out: very useful info!  That tells me my $5K goal will support 2.75 runners.  As in, your contribution to my $5K goal will support 2.75 runners.

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