BOMF this week

Wednesday was the first “official” fundraiser for my fund-racing for BOMF. Terrapin Adventures offered to contribute 10% of any revenue it received from attendees I sent their way on the 1st. Lots of folks agreed it was a great idea, looked like fun, etc, but in the end, only my friend Lori went with me. We had a BLAST, though! Climbing cargo nets, ropes, rock walls, … I managed to get hung up by my harness (ouch) and flip upside down (cool!). We did a high ropes course that was more challenging than anything I’d seen before: you mean you want me to walk out on that single rope?! Nope, I want you to just jump: the rope’s there in case you don’t jump far enough. [Conversation at 40 feet in the air with Luiz, one of our wonderful guides.] I hope to set up another BOMF event later this month, and intend to rope in all those folks that were interested before, and sounded jealous afterwards.

In running news, tomorrow is a 12 miler. I’m light on mileage this week: after the Terrapin Adventures outing, I was a bit sore and bruised in a few tender spots. Expecting to have to bear down tomorrow. The runs I did do this week included hills, though, so tomorrow’s jaunt shouldn’t be as much of a surprise as last weekend.

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