Pampered Chef fundraiser a resounding success!

The Pampered Chef fundraiser was a resounding success! I received a stack of boxes yesterday full of PC items, and then received a check for $182.63 from Pampered Chef in the mail today. That’s my single largest contribution to date, and brings the total raised to $329.63. I’m having difficulties getting the fundraising site to let me enter the “offline” donation, but that fundraising bar is about to take a jump!

I’m still well away from my overall goal, but making progress. With each Pampered Chef order, I’m sending along a thank you note along with an invitation to contribute directly. I’ll also be sending out direct fundraising letters in the mail this week. I’ll ALSO be sending follow-up emails to folks who I’ve sent emails to before and not gotten a response. Persistence in fundraising is key!

By the way, if you’re similarly interested in doing a Pampered Chef fundraiser, contact me to get the contact info for my PC consultant. She was great!

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