Run update

Today was planned as 16, but ended up as 12. I overslept: my running buddy was in the driveway at 6am, but I didn’t even wake up until about 15 minutes later. So, out on the trail on my own. For whatever reason, my iPod wasn’t working today, which didn’t help on the motivational end. I had had to change course slightly, because 16 miles is greater than the distance for an out-and-back from where we’ve been starting. So went the other way on the trail for 2, doubled back the 2, and then went down the trail from there. At 4 miles in, was wondering if 16 was a good idea today, and probably psyched myself out. 4 more miles down the trail, some 4 miles from where my car was, I opted to turn around and head slowly for home. Lack of sleep (common refrain for me), and missing my long run last weekend probably didn’t help. On the plus side, our original training schedule only had us doing 9 miles today, so I netted +3. However, going to increase my mileage during the week, and make sure I’m in bed earlier on Friday nights to try to push back to the tougher schedule.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for next weekend: 18 on our tough schedule, or some increment beyond 12. The additional fly in the ointment is I may have to travel on Saturday to visit family, so would need to fit in my long run on the treadmills at work after my meeting on Friday afternoon. The treadmills at work are better than the treadmill at home, but still – a bit mind-numbing.

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